Anal Orgasms; A search for a new way of sex

Though anal sex has long been a part of human history, it remains shrouded in mystery and often difficult to discuss openly. Many people mistakenly believe that anal orgasms are exclusive to gay couples, leading to the misconception that women cannot experience anal pleasure. However, orgasms for women are not limited to vaginal stimulation. In fact, anal orgasms are very much possible for women. Studies have shown that women who engage in regular anal intercourse find it highly arousing and pleasurable. Thus, anal pleasure is not exclusive to men, nor is it an unrealistic fantasy perpetuated by pornography.

What is an Anal Orgasm?

Anal orgasms occur when an individual experiences climax through anal penetration or stimulation. Both men and women can achieve anal orgasms by stimulating the nerve endings in the anus, which are connected to sexual organs. For women, the anus is filled with nerves, including the highly erogenous pudendal nerve, which connects to the clitoris. The mechanics of anal orgasms differ depending on an individual’s anatomy.

How to Have a Male anal Orgasm?

For men, anal orgasms are typically achieved through stimulation of the prostate gland, or the P-spot, during anal intercourse. Prostate stimulation can make ejaculation more pleasurable for men. It’s important to note that while cisgender men and people assigned male at birth have a prostate, butt orgasms typically result from prostate stimulation. For women, the A-spot or G-spot can be stimulated through the anal canal. Some experts suggest that the A-spot may be easier to stimulate through anal play rather than vaginal intercourse. The anus can be stimulated in various ways, including touching, massaging, licking, fingering, or penetration by a penis or sex toys. As long as it feels good, the possibilities are endless.

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

A common question for anal sex beginners is whether it hurts. While it might be uncomfortable for first-timers, regular practice can make anal sex enjoyable. The muscles in the anus are less elastic than those in the vagina, so the receiving partner must be relaxed before engaging in anal intercourse. It’s important to avoid using numbing creams during anal sex for two reasons. Firstly, numbing can inhibit pleasure and pain, negating the ultimate goal of sex – pleasure and orgasms. Secondly, numbing prevents individuals from gauging whether the sex is proceeding safely. Potential tears or damage to the anus may go unnoticed, and rough anal sex can be dangerous if the receiving partner is unaware of any discomfort.

How to prepare for anal sex?

When traveling for pleasure from the backdoor, a little preparation can help both partners. There are some ways for beginners how to make anal sex more comfortable. 

Unlike the vagina, the muscles in the anus are not elastic. For this reason, the penis receiver’s body should be relaxed before any anal intercourse. Penetrating the woman anally may hurt and cause injury. So, as a man, it is also your responsibility to prepare your woman for anal sex. 


Foreplay sex will get the woman into the mood for anal sex. Enough time spent on foreplay sex, which is also very pleasant, will help her body relax. So do the anus muscle. Having a hot bath (together or butt owner alone) will let the tight anus muscles loosen and increase blood flow. 

Kissing and licking

This is also a part of foreplay sex. Kissing and licking around the anus will not provide anal orgasm directly. You won’t be stimulating P-spot or A-spot directly. However, it will create wonders around the perianal area and many other erogenous zones.

Ass Fingering

Yet another way to prepare the anus for penetration. This is good to receive for prostate owners. Circling the anus at a pace your partner likes will relax all the muscles of the anus.

Inserting your finger a little and trying to find the spot your partner likes will also help you hit her better during anal intercourse. 

Finding the right depth and spot by fingering ass will increase anal pleasure. When the spot is found, let the pleasure build.

Keep fingering before every anal sex so you will master how to finger ass.

Do you need lube for anal?

Yes. A lot of them. The anus is not self-lubricating like a vagina. It means that the anus will be dry all the time during anal intercourse.  

 Choose the best lubricant for your anal sex. Water-based lubricants are your choice. They are good if you do not want your condom to be broken and to keep things better.

Lube is a must for comfortable anal sex

I can not emphasize this enough. You HAVE TO use lube.

Without proper and enough lubrication, anal sex is not just uncomfortable or painful. It can also be dangerous. Rough anal entries may cause the skin to tear ad bleed and increase the chance of STI or other infections.

Can anal sex cause health problems?

YES, is your short answer. And penis receiver is on the higher risk side. Small tears in the skin and around the anus will increase the risk of transmission of STIs, such as;

However, STIs are not the only risks that can be transmitted. Bacterias such as ShigellaE. coli, and Campylobacter can be transmitted through feces. 

Condom is a must in anal sex. Unprotected anal sex risks are as the followings: 

Anal sex with hemorrhoids

Anal sex mostly will not cause hemorrhoids. However, for some people, it can be irritating and can give discomfort. While lubrication may help to reduce irritation, every person is different. In some cases, anal sex can cause the hemorrhoids to bleed. Depending on your situation, you should decide to have anal sex or not. In case of any bleeding or problem, consult your doctor.

How to reduce the risks of anal sex?

To have anal orgasms whenever you want, take the necessary precautions. This is valid for both partners. 

Keep reading. Here are some tips to minimize the risks: 

  • Use condoms all the times

As I mentioned above, the condom will reduce the risk of infection or bacteria transmission. If you are having threesome sex, change the condom for new penetration after anal sex

Also, if vagina intercourse is on the way, again, use a different condom. The condom will be contaminated because of the bacterias in the anus and they will most probably infect the vagina. The infections from anal can be dangerous.

Unprotection anal sex is always an invitation for infections. You double the risks especially if you have more than one partner. 

  • Start slow

No matter it is your first anal sex or not. Rough penetration is always dangerous for the anus. Not only the butt owner but also the penis owner may hurt himself. There are cases that men who suffer from a penile fractureThis study says that it is not a rare situation.

  • Use lube. 

Lubrication is essential. For safety and pleasure. Please re-read what I wrote about lubrication

  • Grooming

Yes, grooming is important in anal sex. Especially if you are into fingering ass, cut your nails to avoid any bacteria transmission and dangers of long nails in the anus.

How to have an anal orgasm?

Anal sex position

There are a variety of anal sex positions you and your partner may enjoy, from classical doggy position to lying doggy. You may have even a face to face anal sex so that romantic eye contact will be there during anal intercourse. While some positions are good for first-time anal sex, others will give you intense anal orgasms. 

Sex Toys

Many sex toys are also usable for anal play. For example, you can wear a butt plug all day long. Vibrating anal plugs will give you most of the pleasure if you prefer a solo play. Anal beads are the same. They are good for both males and females. 

Prostate massagers are awesome sex toys for men to play with. Stimulation of the P-spot is always orgasmic for men. The vibrating massager can be used during both solo or couple play. Men can receive anal orgasm while giving the same pleasure to their partner.

The beauty of anal sex is that you can also have vaginal sex at the same time. Using vibrators or dildos in the vagina while having anal sex will double the pleasure for women. Depending on position, sex toys can be used in the vagina or around the clitoris.  

Fuck machines are also serving for anal pleasure. A fuck machine can be used for solo play. It is also an excellent toy for couples to play with. You can add it to your BDSM plays. A tied girl on a bench can receive the fuck machine from behind and give a blowjob to the penis owner. You can be creative about your plays. Also instead of buying an expensive one, you can build your own fuck machine at home

To sum up…

Anal orgasm is real, and it is very intimate and orgasmic for both men and women. Although it may cause some pain in the ass at the beginning, many people claim they enjoy having anal sex. Opinions and taboos are not easy to give up. However, if you can do it, and if you pay attention to your health, you will be avoiding anal sex complications and have a real orgasm. 

Stay safe, have orgasms.

I wish you a wonderful day. Thank you for reading.