Are Sexdolls worth the Money?

Purchasing a sex doll for the first time can be daunting, especially considering the potential price tag. Customizing your doll to include realistic skin texture, unique facial features, hair options, makeup, and even vibrating parts can quickly drive up the cost to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For example, a doll from Japanese sex doll maker Orientlovedoll can go above the 10K$ price line. , This can be a significant investment for someone who has never tried a sex doll before and isn’t sure if they will enjoy it.

However, there are sex dolls available at a range of price points, making it possible to find an option that fits your budget. The key is identifying which features are essential to you and prioritizing them accordingly. Doing so lets you find a sex doll that you believe is worth the investment without overspending. 

Considering that you are buying “just” a sex toy, deciding what will fit you most for pleasure is vital to making the purchase worthwhile.

It Depends On How Much You Will Use Them

If you plan to spend somewhere near 10K, of course, you will want to have as much fun as possible with your sex doll. So, just like anything you purchase, you use it as best possible.

Are you in a relationship already? Using your doll three times a week will steal your intimate time with your partner. She can say you two could have sex more, especially if she is an active and horny lady.

On the other hand, if you use your doll for sex once every month, it is not very much, and an expensive sex doll is not a viable investment. But, of course, sex dolls are also sex toys for your pleasure. Have Money to spend? Then have your fun at max.

What to Expect from your Sex Doll

People buy sex dolls for various reasons. Getting rid of porn, intense feeling of masturbation, or companionship. 

Whatever your reason for buying a doll, you shouldn’t set your expectations high. 

Yes, sex with a sex doll is better than masturbation. 

Fucking a doll improves your gameplay in bed with a real woman.

However, it is cold without any reaction.

No returns for your dirty talks or moans, which a real woman would give you for an awesome fuck. 

Ultimately submissive…

Make your doll a little girl, an enslaved person, or make her your high school teacher whom you hated and give a good anal fuck. 

Still, a missing feeling can be a part of the actual sex. 

Pros of owning a sex doll

It helps to quit porn and over masturbation

Well, porn and masturbation are ok. Many men do it occasionally. However, some men do it very often. Porn addiction has terrible effects on relationships. And unfortunately, it becomes a problem when sex is together with a partner. This is because the brain and penis are programmed differently so that when there is a real connection with a partner, sexual arousal doesn’t happen. Or, just because your hand squeezes the penis harder than the vagina, the penis loses its erection. 

The most significant advantage of a sex doll is that it rewires your brain. It helps create a connection with a body. Touch of your hands on a body and penis in a pussy, even if the sex partner is not a human, will help you have a sex-like feeling.

While leaving hand satisfaction, you can improve your fantasy World without watching porn. 

Have sex..anytime you want

The most apparent advantage of owning a sex doll is having sex whenever you desire. Unlike a human partner, beauty will never refuse due to headaches or pregnancy concerns. While not everyone purchases a sex doll solely for sexual purposes, it is a common reason, allowing the owner to experiment with various positions freely. Additionally, having a sex doll may boost one’s confidence in interacting with real women. However, based on personal experience, there are many other benefits to owning a sex doll beyond just the sexual aspect.

They never complain

You never have to worry about how “big” you are or when you are ready to cum. Finish it early if you feel it, or take it as long as you want. You do not need to satisfy your sex doll but just yourself. This is always between you and your beautiful beauty. She is purely yours to make you happy only. Enjoy any position you want as long as you want. Does your real-life partner only like missionary positions? Have your face fuck and talk as dirty as you want. Your doll will take it all. 

Practice your Skills

You weren’t born master of the sex, and sex skills improve as much as you practice. So the more you practice it, the better you get at your art and be a better lover.

Moreover, having a sex doll will improve your stamina while enhancing your sex cardio.

Having sex without any pressure and stress of being inexperienced, you have all the time in the World to practice your sex skills. There is no pressure to please the sex doll; your doll will never judge you.

Rough Sex

Let’s be honest. Some of us like it hardcore. Rough sex is what we sometimes seek (or all the time for some of us)

But it is not what many women like. 

Sex dolls come in handy here. Having hardcore sex and doing it as hard as you want is worry-free, as nobody hurts. 

No pain, yes, please.

And your sex doll will never complain, although it will depreciate faster.

Long term Money saver

After you pay the initial cost of purchase, the use of sex dolls eliminates the need for traditional dating rituals and expenses such as exchanging gifts on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Easter, anniversaries, and birthdays. There are no mandatory activities like going out for dinners or watching movies. Additionally, there is no need to spend money on things like Uber rides, providing food like breakfast in bed, pizza, ice cream, or shopping regularly. 

With sex dolls, there is no need for monthly allowances or providing funds for luxury items such as Brazilian hair or Fenty by Rihanna products. Once the initial purchase cost of the doll is covered, there are no more recurring expenses. The focus is solely on enjoying oneself without any additional commitments.

The only spending is for cleaning your sex doll. Additional costs may be clothing and lingeries to dress up your sex doll if you are interested in it.

Cons of having a sex doll

They are big

Sex dolls are big and relatively heavy. This makes them hard to carry and handle in the house. 

You will need to move your shower for cleaning. Routine care of the sex doll is essential. Of course, you will use all three of the mouth, vagina, and anus, and you must take care of your doll. So moving the doll may not be accessible if it is heavy. 

Also, hiding them from your guests is another point to consider. Unless you have friends sharing similar doll fantasies.

The price tag of a sex doll

As mentioned before, sex doll prices can go beyond 10K, depending on what you want. 

Of course, there are dolls under 100$, but they are far from meeting expectations. 

Sex doll from

Spending $1000 for a doll at the beginning is fine for beginners. 

To remind you, they are not refundable. So do your search and spend the amount you will be happy with later.