Best Anal Sex Positions for Everybody

I have some great news; women also have discovered the pleasure of anal sex. As sex becomes less taboo and partners are less afraid to try new things, each day new possible ways of having pleasure are discovered. Butt play is only one of these ways to have pleasure. 

More women are less afraid of anal sex and eager of discovering the pleasure of it. Truly, anal sex provides partners a kind of fullness and satisfaction besides intimacy. Especially for the first-timers who will try it. 

I want to write my favorite anal sex positions. Some of them are easy and good for first-timers. Some positions can be harder and they are for advanced players. Take your time and practice, my friend.

Another thing that can benefit from anal sex is the guy who has below average penis size. As most of the nerve endings at around and the entrance of the anus, even a smaller guy can give pleasure to his woman.  

However, Before I talk about anal sex positions, let’s remember some tips for 

anal sex beginners.


  • Cleanliness.  

The anus contains bacteria, naturally, and it can spread during or after anal sex. Do not go for the vagina or a blowjob once you entered the anus. Such action will increase the risk of sexually transmitted infection STI

Take it slow,

I mean way so slow… Especially first-time anal sex can be hard a bit. Make it slow by using fingers. Start with the rim of the butthole before going all the way with the penis. Or with a strap-on or dildo. Some foreplay sex may help the penis receiver relax the body so anal sex will not hurt. 

  • Use Lube

Generously. Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating. Without proper lubrication, anal sex will not be comfortable and it is likely harmful. Water-based lube is your first choice. First of all water-based lube won’t damage the condom. Secondly, easier to clean it from your anus. Oil-based lubes, including baby oil and vaseline, may damage the condom, and eventually, condoms will break. 

So, now it is time for the best anal sex positions…Scroll Down and keep reading

Eiffel Tower

Classic Doggy

This is for sure the favorite of guys. It is an easy and powerful anal penetration. Doing anal sex in a doggy-style position is an easy and great way to please both giver and receiver. You already tried it before, no explanation is needed. For those who don’t know (still there can be ) Doggy sex, let me explain it. Penis receiver gets down onto your knees and hands and spreads out her legs. Then Just enter the anus instead of the vagina. Simple, no?

Continue Reading…There are still more positions you may want to try

Lying Doggy

This position is perfect for shallow penetration. Most of the nerves are around and the beginning of the anus entrance. So this is a good position to catch most of the stimulation. Again, this is another one of the best anal sex positions for beginners. It is good for the beginners because penis receiver will be fully lying and relaxing. Have the woman lying on her stomach and the guy lie on top of her and make the rear entry. Still, if anal stimulation is not enough and the woman wants more pleasure then add a vibrator to the game. Using it while lying down will double the pleasure.

Missionary Anal

If you believe in the intimacy of eye contact in sex, there is good news for you. You can have anal sex in a missionary position. Just by adjusting your body correctly, entry to the anus is also easy. Because the anus and vagina are close to each other. To adjust for a better position, put a pillow under the butt to raise the hips and make it closer to the penis owner’s pelvis. Now you are ready for anal pleasure while kissing, talking, and having eye contact. 


This is another anal sex position a woman can take control and partners keep eye contact. Straddle yourself and have your woman lower onto your penis. The receiver on top will have all the control of the sex by adjusting depth and pace and the clitoris is also open for the play. Depending on your body, some types of vibrators or fingering G-spot will work well.

Also, switching to reverse cowgirl is another option you have for a change. 


Well, while rimming doesn’t really include anal penetration it is still a part of anal play. First of all, rimming is good for foreplay sex. While giving rimming, you will be relaxing the receiver and her muscles around and in the anus. So, anal sex will not be rough and disturbing. Secondly, 

it is good for the very beginners of anal sex. Especially if the receiver is new and not ready for anal sex. 

Rimming is very easy to do but also gives it time to learn how to give more pleasure. What you need to do is spreading the butt cheeks and making circles around the anus. Also a little entry with the tongue into the anus. Of course, be aware of the health risks as you may be receiving the bacterias coming from the anus. 


I call this lazy sex. But for me, this is one of the romantic sex positions any partner should have. Although there is no eye contact, spooning gives partners full body contact. Kissing her neck, whispering into her ears (or dirty talks), holding her body how you like ( would you prefer boobs or belly?) gives the intimacy that any sex deserves. In this anal sex position, of course, you make an anal entry instead of a vagina. Fingering or using any other sex toy for clitoris stimulation will increase pleasure. 


The next position you may try is Turtle. This is another easy anal sex position similar to Doggy. But this position can be more relaxing and easier for the woman. What you need is a table or a bench that she sits on her knees bending. The man approaches from behind and makes the rear entry in a standing position. Grab her waist and push yourself into her. 

The Bottomline

No no. This is not a position, my dear reader. I know you will (or already do) like trying all these positions at once. Take it easy. These are the positions you may try with your partner. Don’t try it alone. ( joking. how bad was this?) 

Relatively easy positions to try to. Try to remember your fingers or sex toys where possible. Happy Sexing