Burning Angel Joanna Angel in Dungeon Furniture Emporium

This is a total coincidence that today I did write about BDSM for my blog and now I am reviewing a BDSM movie. I hope you enjoy both reviews. 

The business in the BDSM store is not going well. Sales are low. Joanna Angel and her partner Shawn Alff are worried if they are going out of business. However, Angel is determined to stick with her vision and refuses to accept traditional retail methods. Will Angel’s insistence on vision bring the end of the store? We will see

There are not many parody/comedy porn makers in 2022 which is a kind of a shame because comedy porn is a really nice niche different from usual porn. Comedy and sex go really well together. And, Angel is playing her role very well, the gags are well played and there are many Moments that you say “I got the reference”

Joanna’s Emporium attracts the attention of college-bound Adira Allure, who is looking to buy a desk. Desperate to make a sale, Angel pitches a slave cage as a desk — to hilarious results. Angel dives full-on into her ridiculous role, and Allure plays the stooge very well. When Angel convinces Allure to sample the goods, it’s kinky sex a-go-go! Allure gets flogged, spanked, and sodomized in all manner of ways, all while gagging on a number of toys and munching hungrily on Angel’s muff. Angel’s asshole gets some play as well, and both ladies lean heavily into their inner whores. Another round of potential customers comes in shortly after Allure’s departure, giving Angel the confidence that her special brand of customer service is starting to build a fine reputation for her establishment.

You can watch the trailer HERE

Jessi Lee and Randy are browsing in the shop. Jessie is excited about everything she sees there, however, there are no free meatballs to sample and this is why Randy tries to usher Jessie out the door. Angel doesn’t like his rudeness of Randy and puts him in his place, threatening to turn his testicles into meatballs (OUCH!!) This turns into a pretty intense flogging for Ruckus as Jessie makes him pay for his rude behavior before allowing him to eat her pussy. Then just like a femdom boss, she brings the strap-on play to beat his ass. 

Watch the trailer HERE

Brooklyn Gray and Gia Derza need a washer and dryer and Joanna’s Emporium can be a good shop to be in, is it? Of course, Angel doesn’t have appliances but she can’t miss two beautiful customers. She offers a cross bondage table as a combo dryer and washer. Derza is happy with the offer but Gray says “How to do this wash and dry clothes?” Angel offers a floor model for the test by saying “It doesn’t just wash your body, it also washes your soul. This is where Derza will get bound, gagged, whipped, and pleasured mercilessly. Derza is aggressively getting fingered during being rimmed by Gray and this is one of the best moments of the scene. 

Scene 3 trailer is HERE

Things take an unexpected turn; well, Alff absolutely expected it, but Angel doesn’t listen to him, and the Emporium finds itself in a bad way. An unlikely savior in Dante Colle salvages the situation, but he doesn’t understand anything about the store. Not one to pass up the opportunity to show someone the ropes of the lifestyle, Angel offers to educate Colle with a hands-on lesson. Talk about kinky! At one point, Colle is mouth fucking Angel furiously while a dildo hangs out of her asshole; then, he effectively soloes DPs her using that same concept. 

Scene 4 trailer is HERE

This is great comedy porn to watch. Sex is great, the cast is sexy and the performances are rocking good. 

This is a great movie. Comedy porn is so much fun when done well, and this one is certainly well done. The cast is great, and the sex is even better. Angel and Alff are both really good here (both as performers, Angel as director and co-writer, and Alff as co-writer), but Gray was also impressive in her performance.


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