Date Ideas for a Wonderful Date

Going out to a fancy diner, hitting a bar, watching a movie in a theatre. Alla is simple and guaranteed dating ideas and they work in many cases. But, you are here and reading this post because you need some fresh ideas for dating. 


Yes, having dinner out can sound old-fashioned or cliche but still proven and a risk-free idea. 

Ok, I am joking. Although ı still like to have my date at a nice restaurant or on a movie night, I feel like there are tons of other ways to have a date that will let a deeper relationship happen. 

Different dating ideas will help each of you understand other’s hobbies, likes, and dislikes, or will give you a chance to have nice experiences. 

So, keep reading and see my ideas you can try on your next date. 

Discover your city

National Palace of Pena -Portugal

Go for a walk in your city that both of you have never been in. Surprisingly, many people have a spot that he doesn’t know about his city. Especially if you are living in a metropolitan like New York, you will have a lot to discover. You can spend a whole day during your “trip”. Remember to try new restaurants.Discover your city

Go for a comedy show

Everybody likes to laugh. She will have a good memory of you after a fun night and this is why you’ll have a big chance for new dates with her. In any case, enjoy your time there

Open-air cinemas

This is popular again. GO to an open-air cinema for a nice movie. This is better than chilling at home with Netflix again while you are watching a nice movie. A nice stroll after the movie will is a good end. (who knows, maybe the date ends in a better way)

Visit a local market

Covent Garden.
Covent Garden

I love local markets. There is always something interesting there and I rarely leave the market empty hands. Visiting a local market in your neighborhood, eat some Street foods, drink hot wine, and enjoy your time. This is a nice experience for a date.

Brewery tour

Do you like to take your date to a bar on Friday nights? Then here is an alternative to drink together with your date while having fun

Wine and Cigar taste

Do you wanna impress her with your taste? Or maybe you want to have a cool date with your lady. Learn some very interesting information before the date and share it during the tasting. YOu will look amazing. 

Karaoke Night

This is good, especially on double dates. Perhaps it won’t be a romantic date but it is definitely fun. Grab your beers and cocktail and enjoy the night with your friends. 

Bowling is fun

Here is a dating idea that won’t break the bank much. Go for a burger and fries after the game. Let to loser pay to make the game more competitive. TIP: Be a gentleman

Eat at a Michelin Restaurant

OK…This may hit your bank account (or not, you eat there every lunch) but eating at a nice restaurant will pamper every girl. This is not a regular diner out the date as mentioned before. 

Go for swimming

I mean to swim in a lake or river. Grab enough meals for the day and have a wonderful time near a lake. Simming and having a picnic near a lake is a memorable date and a nice experience you can not have on every date.

Attend a course

Let it be a cooking class or an art class. Learning new skills together while spending a good time is a good opportunity to have a good date. 

Hot balloon trips


Waking up way too early will be worth it. Watching the sunrise in a hot balloon at the height is an amazing feeling. Mood gets perfect at the breathtaking scenery. Another unforgettable memory to have on a date. 

Surprise Her

Women love surprises. They also love flowers. Give her a visit with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and take her out for lunch or dinner.