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If you have read my post and other things about the DDLG relationship and decided this is the game you desire, it is time to dive into the online World to learn about ddlg relation, to date a dom or little, and shop for fun times.


DDLG Playgound  A ddlg store that also has a small blog

DDLG FORUM  An active forum dedicated to DDLG relations. Helpful and nice people



DDLG Gear, Clothing 

toys and more

When it is about your little one, there is so much to buy and many options to choose for. Clothing is the most important part of ddlg roleplay . For home play, you need onesies, dresses, pull-ups and panties, pajamas, shoes, adult diapers, and so on.

Of course, no little can be without accessories such as shoes, bags, any kind of jewelry like hair clips or bracelets. You should pamper your little one.

If punishment is included in your roleplay, do not forget your paddles, cuffs&collars or plugs.

Below is a list of sites that sell various stuff to buy for your little girl or boy.

Amazon and Etsy have a wide of selection ddlg clothing and toys. Scrolling will give you more ideas and you will find something for the little one

Here are some DDLG clothing sites.


Other than ddlg clothing, this company is selling homeware and kink stuff. Nice and cute stuff you would like to choose and buy.


Another good site. Many beautiful items of clothing, accessories and other stuff. For Daddies and little ones.



Oh, Kawai has so many beautiful dresses. Any fantasy is true here. Lolita dresses, skater or GOTH dresses, tops, bottoms, goth bodysuits, any kind of wearables and accessories. If you need gift ideas for your little one, you will find something here for sure. Kawai also has

More DDLG sites will be added by the time. Feel free for recommendations.

Bonus: If you like to watch some popular Little Girls, there are some YouTubers out there. The girls I follow are as below.


26 years old “little girl” is showing her lifestyle on her youtube channel. Watching her may give you some ddlg ideas and relationships. If you are into more naughty ddlg, her nickname is “binkiebear” in chaturbate (link may open another little girl). Binkie’s 

twitter is also active.