How to have an Amazing Sex: Face off sex position

Be warned: The position you are going to read is for the women who like to be in control. Also, if you are one of those avoiding eye contact during sex, the face-off position is not for you.

Let it be a quickie on a kitchen chair or the edge of the bed right after waking up, face-off sex position is one of the most emotional sex positions as there is lots of hugging and eye contact is involved. It boosts your oxytocin levels which is the ‘love’ chemical associated with bonding, trust, and relationship-building,” says Jodie Milton, women’s relationship and sex coach at Practical Intimacy.

How to do it?

One partner who will be penetrating sits on the edge of a bed, sofa, or a chair and the other sits on the partner’s lap and Wrap arms around the penetrating partner’s back. Then the receiver can lower herself on her partner’s penis, dildo, or, strapon.  

Faceoff Works well for both vaginal and anal sex.  Use lube generously, especially if you go for anal. If you like it in a fast way, the chair version is your best bet as the penetrating partner will have support and stability for his back and move more comfortably. A pillow on his back will provide more support, if necessary.  

At this position, the receiver is in control of the angle and depth of penetration. The person on top has control over how they’re being penetrated and because the bodies are so close, there’s bound to be friction on the external part of the clitoris. Not only that, but your hands are also 100 percent free to do as they please–whether it shows your clit some love or get fun and handsy with your partner’s erogenous zones. You can Curl and thrust your hips forward to hit the G spot and stroke the clitoris at the same time.

For more Emotional Connection

Do not underestimate the power of kissing in a relationship. And when it happens during sex, it is more intimidating and makes the couple more connected. As you are already so close to each other, hugged and having eye contact, a good kiss will be a good combination. Another way to make the feelings strong during a face-off position is by demanding or requesting from your partner. The receiver’s demand for her partner’s gaze will be more arousing. Make it as you are the Dom and in control of everything going on. You can say “Look at me!” or “ Give me your eyes!” or just order “EYES!”