For safer Anal Sex: Anal Hygiene

Anal stimulation is pleasurable and healthy for all women, men, and all sexualities. No matter how anal is stimulated, like anal sex, anal/prostate masturbation, sex toys, or rimming, anal hygiene is the main concern of many. Especially when there is a probability that things can get very messy even while wearing a condom. 

Knowing how to prepare for anal sex and preparing yourself before it, having good hygiene, providing a clean anus and its surrounding will make the play free of STIs, messy-free, enjoyable and pleasurable. 

Generally speaking, having a high-fiber diet and a trimmed anus area will make the pre-play cleaning procedures faster and less worrying.  

You are what you are eating, so does your poo

Anal hygiene starts in the kitchen. Yes, it does. Eating high-fiber food and having a healthy diet will let your poo just slide down to the toilet without leaving any piece of it, almost. 

After you are done in the toilet, you wouldn’t, almost, need to wipe your good-looking ass. 

Eating healthy will maintain a clean anal canal so that you will be less worried about things getting messy and it is less risky for any infection caused by bacteria.


Douching, also called Anal Douching, is inserting water into the rectum anus to clean them in order to have cleaner and more comfortable anal sex. 

Although it reduces the risk of encountering feces and the bacteria it harbors during sex, there is still the risk of getting a sexually transmitted infection STI.

In case water is used for douching, water should be lukewarm as hot water can cause damage.  

Douche bulbs also are also another alternative to water to clean the rectum and it can be done before and/or after anal sex.

Is anal Douche necessary? 

In most cases, it is not necessary. Normally body keeps the poo at a higher point than the penis can reach. In this case, only anal fisting or a larger than usual penis or sex toy will reach to poo. In any case, to have a more relaxed mind and completely free of any “remainings”, douching will work well.

Anal Douching Steps

1. Use the bathroom.

2. Wash your douche’s bulb and tip with warm water and soap until clean.

3. Draw the douche solution into the bulb.

4. Lubricate the bulb tip to make insertion easier and reduce the risk of tears.

5. Get into a comfortable position. Most often, resources will recommend sitting on the toilet, getting on all fours, or standing in the shower. However, we find that standing up (either in or out of the shower) helps prevent the liquid from going too high up into your body (thanks primarily to gravity). The higher it goes, the more likely it’ll end up in your sigmoid colon, the more likely you’ll dislodge any poop that might be stored in there, which can make things messier than they would have been had you not even touched at all.

6. Insert the entire bulb tip into the anus.

7. Gently squeeze the bulb’s contents into your rectum.

8. Remove both the tip and the bulb, and then immediately expel the mixture of douche solution and waste into the toilet or down the shower drain.

9. Repeat steps if necessary.

Risks of Over-Douching

Douching such as cleaning too deep, applying too much force, or too much tap water may cause 

problems. These problems can be can cause problems, such as douche dependency, prolonged anal irritation, elevated mucus production, and lengthening or incomplete contraction of the rectum/colon, which can lead to chronic constipation.

Also, ph of the ass will go bad if over douching.

Cleaning with Soap

Using soap for cleaning the anus is not really a good idea. It can dry the skin around the anus and this may cause little tears in the area. These tears may cause infections. Also, soap can aggravate hemorrhoids. Cleaning with soap can be done once or twice a week while you can wash yours every day with water.

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