How to give Orgasmic Breast Play

There are no men in this World that don’t check some women’s breasts a few times a day during the day. While walking on a Street, in Office, at a party, or wherever it is. Guys love and stare at them. And women know it. And women use it as a way of attraction. Having bigger surgeries, wearing different kinds of boobs, and so on.
Women also love their breasts to be played with. For many of them, breast play is very erotic and sensual. Although men love to check out breasts, still many men do not know that nipples and breasts are very sensitive and erogenic zones of a woman’s body.

Women also love their breasts to be played with. For many of them, breast play is very erotic and sensual. Although men love to check out breasts, still many men do not know that nipples and breasts are very sensitive and erogenic zones of a woman’s body. 

So, What happens when a woman’s breast is touched?

study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that 81.5% of women are having enhanced sexual arousal through breast or nipple stimulation. However, only 7.2% of women said that breast and nipple play decreased their sexual stimulation. The study is kind of old but still, results can be more or less the same. So, it is still better to check in with your partner to find out what they like. 

Do guys get turned on when you touch their nipples?

According to a study, “51.7% reported that nipple stimulation caused or enhanced their sexual arousal, 39% agreed that when sexually aroused such manipulation increased their arousal, only 17.1% had asked to have their nipples stimulated, and only 7.5% found that such stimulation decreased their arousal.”

It seems that women are more sensitive to nipple play and have more pleasure from it than men do. How to give a nipple orgasm to a male is something to read more in detail.

How to give a Breast Play?


When a women’s breast is caressed, a chemical called oxytocin is released by the brain into the bloodstream. This is a strong hormone caused by hugging and orgasm. So maximum body contact during sex will boost intimacy.

While having sex in missionary or any position facing each other, pull her to yourself tighter and make her nipples pressed more on your chest. Synchronize your breath with moves. Touching and heaving will increase intimacy.

Dirty talks

Talking dirty during sex is always sexy. Tell her how fantastic her boobs are during sex and make her happy. Some women tend to hide their boobs when they are naked because they think they are small. 

After playing with her nipples, talk dirty to her. Saying something like “your nipples are so hard now, I love them” will turn her on and boost the confidence of your woman. This is a part of breast foreplay and her boosted confidence will benefit both of you. 

Sensitive Areola

The areola is the most sensitive part of the breast. You may want to play with the nipples more but the areola itself will be more effective. The especially upper side of the breast, between 10 and 2 o’clock is the most sensitive part. Nerves are denser there and pleasure will be more. Stroking the nipple circling the areola will do the work. 

Boob size matters

I said to compliment and talk dirty about her boobs especially if her boobs are smaller but there is one trick to remember. A study has found that bigger breasts are 24% less sensitive than smaller breasts. The one reason for this is nerves coming from nipples are more stretched in bigger boobs. This means you may be required to spend more time stimulating breasts. The outer sides of the breast, below armpits, are relatively more sensitive. 

Add BDSM into Nipple Play

If you are looking for more excitement and pleasure in your nipple and breast play, it is time to add some toys to your play. Nipple clamps and suction devices will take you to the next level. These toys will provide continuous and stronger stimulation to the nipple than caressing your partner’s nipple with your own hands. One other advantage is while the nipple is stimulated continuously, your hands will be free and you can focus on other body parts of your partner.

Another BDSM play is including temperature in the game. Feeling temperature on the sensitive parts of the body, like nipples, will increase the body flow and heart rate. 

You do not need some special toys or equipment for temperature play on breasts. Grab an ice cube from the freezer and draw circles around the areola.

To get more naughty and kinkier, tie your partner. You can use restraints and blindfolds and play the ice play on her breasts. 

Don’t forget to play with them

I mean not just in foreplay but also during sexual intercourse. İncluding breast play even in intercourse will double the stimulation. You will be giving both vaginal and nipple stimulation. Lightly scissor her nipple with your two fingers. Or massage around the areola. 

For example, while you are in a spooning sex position, you can stimulate her in many ways. While penetrating the vagina with the penis, keep one hand on her clitoris and massage. Continue spooning while hugging so that your other arm will be holding her breasts and you can play with her boobs. Meanwhile, you can kiss her neck or talk dirty.

Pieces of Advice from girls for Breast Foreplay

Of course, each woman is different and has different pleasure points. However, some general principles apply to most women. 

Follow this advice and see how she reacts. Thank you later if you like J

How Not to do Breast play Wrong

  1. She likes to be sucked but not hard

If you are expecting some milk from it, go to the fridge, my friend. No need to give a bruise and make the nipple swelled up.

2.Stop squeezing them

They are not your stress balls or a squeezy toy. 

3.More tongue, please

Lick or flick it but please apply some pressure. Do not just leave it with saliva and think it did go well

4.Small cups can not do a boob job

They are simply not enough for your boy. 

5.Kiss them when you have a chance

If the girl is on top and facing you and her breasts are shaking just right in front of you, then they want to be kissed. 

6.Don’t talk abt boob size

She may have a small breast but no need to say it loud. She will find something to tell you either and you will not like it.

7.Be gentle with piercings

Pierced nipples are more sensitive. SO watch your bitings or lickings 

8.Vagina and Nipple together

Giving two stimulations at the same time will be awesome for her. While you are giving her a breast play, also play with her vagina. Before the intercourse, this can be a very arousal part of foreplay sex for some women. 8

9.Sometimes boobs are more sensitive

Some girls’ body reactions are different when they are on period. While every girl is different, some girls have more sensitive and sore nipples. 

So skip nipple or breast play for a few days.  

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