How to Have Mouthwatering Vagina Taste: Oral Feasts

Some guys love to give oral sex to their partners. Some simply don’t like it. The ones who do not like can be called lazy or selfish. For me, it is a pleasure and part of the game. Listening to the voices she makes, having my hair pulled while pleasing her, making her wet, and preparing her for the real sex is important to me. Knowing how to give oral and how to eat a pussy is an important part of foreplay sex.

However, other than being selfish or lazy, why a man wouldn’t want to give oral sex? Maybe he doesn’t like the taste of the vagina. Everybody’s body, it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman has a specific smell and taste. So does the vagina. It is a natural smell body produces. 

So, how does a vagina smell? 

Shortly, it tastes as it should do, like a vagina. 

No healthy vagina is supposed to taste the same. It can be sweet or sour, metallic or bitter, salty or sharp. As long as the vagina is healthy, any smell and taste are fine. It is unique to the body.

Of course, the taste can be different through the month, which the menstrual cycle causes. Blood can affect how the vagina tastes as well as the White discharge which is common with ovulation. 

Below are some common flavors, I mean vagina tastes:

Metallic taste

The internal canal of the vagina is naturally acidic and it is good as the vagina adjusts its bacteria balance down there. 

The taste of this acidity can be sometimes referred to as specific flavors such as metallic or a penny. Some even call it a “battery” taste.

The metallic taste can be stronger on some specific days. During and even after a few days of the menstrual cycle, traces of blood will give this specific taste. It is because of the iron content of the blood. 

Of course, when the woman is on her period, it can be understood that some guys would like to avoid giving oral sex. Not just because of the taste but it can be uncomfortable for them. 


Sweating during the daytime will leave a hint of salt in the area. Not only the vagina but also any part of the body may taste a bit salty. Washing the genital area during the shower will remove the salty taste. There are intimate shampoos designed for specifically genital wash. Even a warm shower and vagina wash will do the work, these intimate shampoos will help the cleaning.

Also remaining of the urine may still leave a salty taste too. Again, a good wash will do the work. 

Each vagina and every other “Body” smells and tastes different

Everybody is unique. Just like we all have different faces, our natural smells are unique. A vagina may have a metallic, sour, or salty taste but still, have a unique taste. It may not be smelling like a rose or taste like a taco but still, it is for me beautiful. 

Why would a vagina taste bad?

Health Issues

There are times when a vagina has some health problems. 

When the vaginal pH is disrupted, it can cause an infection like bacterial vaginosis (BV)trichomoniasis, or a yeast infection, which will cause your vagina to taste like an infected vagina.

Bacterial vaginosis generally causes a yellow or gray discharge and a strong but unpleasant vaginal odor that may be described as fishy.

Having these problems will make the vagina taste like, let’s say, rotten fish or spoiled meat as mentioned above. 

On the other hand, Trichomoniasis, a type of sexually transmitted infection, will also cause a bad smell and should be taken seriously, and a gynecologist 

should be visited. 

Treating the infection will resolve the problem and the vagina will have its natural and healthy taste. 

You are what you eat

What you put into your system will have an effect on your body smell and vagina taste. Eating habits 

affect how our body Works will create our unique smell. 

Eating spicy food will affect the body’s smell and vagina taste.

Garlic and onions may also be affecting the taste.

On the other hand, no specific food will “improve” the taste of the vagina. Drinking pineapple juice or eating strawberries will not make the vagina taste like them. 

Of course, eating fruits and vegetables more often will provide you with a healthier body and a naturally tastier vagina.

What you drink also affects the odor and taste of the vagina. Alcohol affects the body system and affects the taste and smell of the vagina. It will make the vagina smell sourer and/or bitter.

Drinking enough water will help keep you hydrated and also help the vagina to adjust its Ph levels. Also, less water means you are dehydrated and it means the urine has a stronger smell. This will trace around the vagina.

Tobacco usage

Odors from smoking are always absorbed into the skin. Especially when nicotine is in the system, the body will always have a specific smell and taste. Even if the smoker doesn’t recognize it, the taste of the vagina will be acidic or bitter and it will be felt. 

So quitting smoking is good for health and sex life if you want to receive oral sex more often. Giving oral sex to a heavy smoker can be a big turn-off. 


The vagina is a, by natüre, self-cleaning lady part which 

can take care of its Ph balance and bacterial floral. 

Using a mild soap with warm water around the vagina, not inside, will do the work. Rinse the vulva and groin well.

Also cleaning the anus and the area between the anus and vagina is important. If this area is not cleaned regularly, by time bacterias from the anus may cause infections. 


Polyester underwear will make you sweat. However, the vagina area should also breather as much as other parts of your body. 

Wearing cotton underwear will make the area relaxed and air circulated.


All vaginas are unique. They all taste different but amazing. And most guys like to give oral sex to their lady, as much as it doesn’t taste bad. But as a lady, you must keep your lady parts keep clean and taste “natural”. 

Keeping good hygiene, drinking a lot of water, eating healthy and less spicy, avoiding tobacco, and consuming less alcohol will keep the vagina tasty. 

 Happy Vaginas, Happy Couples