How to Last Longer and Get satisfaction

Lasting longer in an extended period can prolong the pleasure and also spend more pleasant time with your partner. No matter what reasons you have, premature ejaculation or just wish to last longer, you can improve your sex time in various ways.

How will last longer in sex benefit you?

It will benefit both partners.

First of all orgasm times for women and men are different. According to a study, the average Time to Orgasm in Women is between 12.76 to 14.06 minutes. On the other side, another study suggests that the average ejaculation time of men is 5.4 minutes. So, extending time in bed and having lasting longer sex will make you satisfy your lady. A satisfied woman is a happy woman.

The second but not least benefit is a confidence boost. Keeping the play longer than the average will mentally fulfill you. The satisfaction feel and self-esteem will change your state of mind in daily life and help you achieve your goals.

Reasons for finishing earlier than usual

Premature ejaculation

As mentioned above, the average time from ejaculation is 5.4 minutes. Of course, all men are different and time varies for each man. However, if you ejaculate like in a minute regularly, probably prematüre ejaculation problem

Performance Anxiety

When you stress about your performance, you may want to finish sex earlier than usual. Worrying too much about keeping an erection or other performance-related worries will just make you stressed and make you cum too early, even if you do not have such a problem

So how to last longer in bed?


Some types of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have an effect on sexual functions which makes ejaculation more difficult. In other words, SSRIs can be used for a man to allow him last longer in bed.
Also, Erectile dysfunction medications such as viagra will help to continue intercourse even if you ejaculate. Even if this is not the main goal, it may help you to et your partner to finish.
Please remember that any medication should be consulted with your doctor to avoid unwanted situations.

Condoms are your friends

Putting on a condom will decrease the sensitivity of your penis and therefore the time required to ejaculate should be longer. There are specialized condoms that are made for the purpose of delayed ejaculation. So try them and see which one will work for you.

Masturbate before sex

But not right before sex. Masturbating a few hours before sex will mentally relax you before sex but also it will reduce the need and desire of ejaculating so soon. This is effective as most guys need time to recharge. Finding masturbation time before sex is a trial-error method. If you masturbate so soon, getting or keeping an erection can be very hard. However, Masturbating hours and hours before sex will not have any effect as you will be fully recharged.


Having foreplay sex before vaginal intercourse is beneficial for both you and your partner. A study in the USA suggests that only 18.4 of the women are satisfied with only penis-vaginal intercourse. In other words, the remaining 71.6% require more than just vaginal intercourse. Foreplay sex will help you to extend your time and have an orgasm together with your partner.
Also, foreplay sex may help you to relax mentally which can delay ejaculation.

Try New Positions

Trying new positions in which the penis has less stimulation will help to last longer. it. Trying new positions such as the lotus sex position which you must adjust your angle will be rough at the beginning. As you have to pay attention to what you are doing, ejaculation will delay. So while you are lasting longer naturally, you will be having passionate sex with your partner.

Also changing position while having sex will let the body cool down and will give you some extra pleasure time. You can take it slow to take advantage of it.

Edging can be your thing

Edging is stopping the penetration just at the edge of ejaculation. Stopping yourself before ejaculation and letting your body cool down will let you last longer. Repeat it as much as periodically.
However, while edging don’t let the play cool down itself. Use some sex toys on your partner or give oral sex to keep her in the play. Learning oral sex techniques and how to eat pussy will give absolute satisfaction during your edging breaks. Using sex toys such as a vibrator or a dildo for clitoral stimulation will also work.

Distracting yourself

This is one trick I do not like to do so however, it can help some guys. So, while having sex try to think of something else other than sex. This can be anything related to work or just a random thing. Of course, avoid thinking sexy hot girls!! Avoiding sensual play for a period may delay ejaculation and make you last longer.
What I don’t like about this is, it avoids all enjoyable times of sex and takes away the intimacy between you and your partner. In any case, you can try distractions from time to time to see if it works.

Delay sprays

Another option to delay ejaculation and lasting longer is using delay sprays which can be found over the counter. Also, you can ask a doctor for a prescription lidocaine-prilocaine cream which is designed for prematüre ejaculation.
One negative side of these sprays and creams is they can affect your partner’s sensitivity as well.

Sex therapists

It can be very awkward to talk to a stranger about your sex life. However, if you believe your problem is psychological, you may have some benefit from consultation.
Even traditional psychotherapy can be beneficial. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is helpful in treating problems with anxiety and depression.

Cock rings

Cock rings for better erection

Cock rings are little circles that you fit at the base of your penis. The main purpose of cock rings is to restrict blood flow into the penis and keep a hard erection. They can be your solution to last longer in bed.


Practicing some BDSM kinks will help to increase the time to reach orgasm. Orgasm denial and pet play are the best options I can think of for now. Acceptance of submission and letting your female partner be in control can be new for you. However, giving dull control to female partners will not allow you to get any stimulation and cum until they are satisfied.

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