Need Lots of Cum? Cook Your Personal Fake Cum

My only problem with porn, other than I used to be addicted to it for a while, cum shot of the cocks. Out of thousands of cums, almost none of my cums were squirting that much and that far.

And playing with that much could be fun for couples.

Here is a fun fact: an average guy ejaculates 1 teaspoon of cum each time.

But what if you could double or triple that amount? No, I am not talking about a threesome or a gangbang.

I am talking about making your own cum, at home. In your kitchen and handmade. And no, you won’t masturbate for that. Instead, I will show you how to prepare fake cum and add more fun to your bedroom plays.

PS: Fake cums are commonly used in porn movies, let it be a POV, Joi, or just in any porn.

So..What is Fake Cum?

Are you and your significant other curious about trying fake cum? Fake cum, or edible Cum, is a fun experiment for couples looking to spice up their sex life. It’s also user-friendly and an easy recipe that can be made without too much effort. Furthermore, it’s an easy and safe DIY sex toy as it does not have some risks that conventional semen does, such as pregnancy. In this blog post, we’ll explore what precisely fake cum is and why people use it, along with easy recipes tailored specifically from easy ingredients found in any grocery store! So hang tight, all of you curious couples.

Despite its rather peculiar name, it’s becoming increasingly popular for shy foodies, daring couples, and body-positive babes. It may not sound so appetizing initially, but fake cum is an edible concoction of fun flavors and textures. Within the fetish community that has cum fetish, fake cumshots are a kink many people indulge in – whether during photo shoots or at clubs. 

Shortly I will give some easy-to-do recipes for fake cum. According to your like, you can adjust the ratios. Thicker or saltier, how you or your partner likes.

If you like and have the skills, try new don’t be afraid to experiment with the taste. For example, add some strawberry syrup and enjoy the ever-growing world of edible cum!

FUN Fact and Flavor tip: I remember a past time some friends were saying that the taste of their cum changes according to what they eat. Onion and banana flavored cums are what remained in my mind. 

So Here They are…Tasty Cum Recipes

#1. Popular recipe

Making realistic-looking fake cum is easier than you think – and just requires a few ingredients you may already have on hand. For this recipe, all you need is

1 egg white, 

1 cup of water, 

2 tablespoons of cornstarch,

1 tablespoon of greek yogurt and a pinch of salt (optional).

The directions are simple: 

Mix the cornstarch into 1/4 cup water until dissolved, then place the rest of the water in a pan and boil it over the stove. Stir in the cornstarch mixture to thicken it up, then cool to room temperature before incorporating the egg white and yogurt. Finally, add a pinch of salt for authenticity if desired.

Saltiness and thickness can be adjusted according to your pleasure. So, do not hesitate to experiment.

This concoction should last about one day when stored in the fridge – so don’t wait around to use it! Just remember that because this recipe has animal protein, it might not be safe for vaginal use – but it’s perfect for consumption.

#2 Easiest Fake Cum Recipe

Craving a realistic-looking fake cum experience without the hassle? This recipe is super easy.

Mix 4 parts yogurt and 1 part water until you reach your desired consistency. You can make it thinner or thicker as you mix it, and the result will be highly realistic. It’s quick to create, too – if you need something in a pinch, you can make this fake cum in under a minute! Plus, it’s edible and body-safe to use – though bear in mind that for any lube, it’s safest to go with a product designated for that purpose.

As a lube, play it safe and choose a water-based lube.

#3 Cum Cum Sweet Cum

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this simplified sweet fake cum recipe.

 All you need is the following:

250mL water, 

1 heaping tablespoon of cornstarch 

1 to 1.5 teaspoons of sugar. 

Start by mixing some water and cornstarch until it’s fully dissolved, then combine the ingredients in a pan and bring it to a boil. Once all the ingredients are combined, let it cool for around 15-30 minutes until the mix isn’t too hot anymore. This recipe has a sweet taste that might be more pleasant for those who enjoy something more precious.

Foreplays that include many cums, including CiM and/or CiF, should try this recipe.

Remember that putting this on your body/vagina is not recommended, as sugar can cause yeast infections.

#4 Methyl Cellulose Cum: Ready Made fake cum

If you’re looking for a body-safe, infection-free fake cum option, consider methylcellulose. This is what people in the porn industry use, and it’s sugar-free, meaning it won’t cause infections inside the vagina. 

Before using, mix with warm water – this product is very thick on its own. And remember: while it’s non-toxic, this isn’t meant for eating, so don’t experiment!

How to Play with Your Face Cum

For people with a cum fetish, the notion of semen can elicit feelings of excitement, accomplishment, and/or submissiveness. To recreate the experience, alternatives to real cum are available, like squirting dildos and body-safe fake semen crafted from methylcellulose. 

Additionally, those with erectile dysfunction might opt for fake ejaculation if their partner desires it, but they have difficulty producing it. On top of that, phony cum is an ideal alternative to natural semen for lubrication, as it eliminates certain health risks.

Beyond providing a seminal sensation, faux jizz can be used in various ways, such as BDSM play or creampies with a squirting dildo.

Fake cum lets you explore facial fantasies and introduce new dynamics into sex sessions. 

Also, breeding kink fans can act out all kinds of scenarios without fear of unintended pregnancy.