How to Tell if Your Crush is Totally Into You!

You’ve found that special someone who makes your heart race, but how can you be sure they feel the same way? Decoding the signals your crush gives off can be tricky, but with some guidance, you’ll be able to tell if they share your feelings. In this comprehensive article, we’ll explore the signs that your crush likes you, what to do if they don’t, and how to gather the courage to make a move. Remember, love is a risk worth taking, and you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Signs that your crush likes you

Body language signs

  1. Eye contact: When someone is attracted to you, they’ll naturally make more eye contact. If your crush frequently locks eyes with you and holds the gaze longer than usual, it could be a sign they’re into you. Additionally, pay attention to the dilation of their pupils – enlarged pupils can be an indicator of attraction.
  2. Physical proximity: Pay attention to your crush’s proximity to you. If they often stand or sit close to you, even when there’s plenty of space available, it’s a good sign they’re interested. Notice if they lean towards you during conversations or subtly find ways to be near you.
  3. Touch: A gentle touch on the arm, a playful nudge, or a lingering high-five can all be signs that your crush is looking for a connection. If they find ways to initiate physical contact or reciprocate when you touch them, it strongly indicates they’re attracted to you.
  4. Mirroring your movements: If your crush mimics your body language or gestures, it’s a subconscious sign they’re in sync with you and attracted to you. This could include crossing their legs when you do, touching their face when you touch yours, or adopting a similar posture.

Verbal cues

  1. Compliments and teasing: A crush might tease you playfully or give you genuine compliments, signaling their interest in you. This can include complimenting your appearance, sense of humor, or intelligence.
  2. Asking questions about you: When someone likes you, they’ll want to get to know you better. If your crush asks you personal questions and shows genuine curiosity, it’s a positive sign.
  3. Showing genuine interest: If your crush remembers small details about your life and brings them up in conversation, they’re demonstrating genuine interest in you and your life. This could be anything from your favorite movie to a personal story you shared with them.
  4. Laughter: If your crush laughs at your jokes, even the not-so-funny ones, it’s a sign they enjoy your company and find you amusing. Laughter is a great way to bond and can indicate a mutual attraction.

Behavior in group settings

  1. Attention focused on you: In a group setting, pay attention to where your crush’s focus lies. If they consistently pay more attention to you than others, it’s a strong indicator they’re interested in you. This can include making an effort to sit next to you, engaging you in conversation, or defending your opinions in a group discussion.
  2. Engaging in activities you like: If your crush goes out of their way to engage in activities or hobbies that you enjoy, it’s a sign they want to spend more time with you and get to know you better. This could be joining a club you’re in, attending events you’re interested in, or even picking up a new hobby that you’ve mentioned.

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Digital signs of interest

  1. Texting and messaging: If your crush frequently initiates conversations through text or messaging apps, it shows they’re thinking about you and want to stay connected.
  1. Social media interaction: Pay attention to your crush’s social media behavior. If they’re frequently liking, commenting on, or sharing your posts, it’s a sign they’re interested in you. Additionally, if they’re tagging you in posts or sending you memes that remind them of you, it shows they’re thinking about you even when you’re not around.
  2. Emojis and texting style: The way your crush communicates with you through text can also be a sign of their feelings. If they use a lot of emojis, especially heart or smiley face emojis, it could indicate they’re trying to convey a flirty tone. Pay attention to the frequency and tone of their messages – if they respond quickly and enthusiastically, it’s a positive sign.

Signs your crush likes you but is shy or hiding it

  1. Subtle cues: A shy crush might not be as obvious with their feelings. Look for subtle cues like blushing, playing with their hair, or glancing away when you catch their eye. They might also show signs of nervousness, such as fidgeting or stumbling over their words.
  2. Nervousness around you: If your crush acts nervous or fidgety around you, it could be because they’re trying to hide their feelings for you. This can manifest as stammering, excessive sweating, or even going out of their way to avoid you because they’re too shy to face their emotions.
  3. Seeking your approval: A shy or secretive crush might seek your approval or validation, either directly or indirectly. This can include asking for your opinion on their choices or seeking reassurance from you about their decisions.
  4. Talking to your friends: If your crush is shy, they might feel more comfortable talking to your friends about you. If you notice your friends mentioning your crush more often or hinting that they’ve been asking about you, it could be a sign that your crush is interested but too shy to approach you directly.

Signs your crush doesn’t like you or isn’t interested

A. Lack of engagement or interest: If your crush doesn’t seem to engage with you or show genuine interest in your life, they may not have feelings for you. This can include giving monosyllabic answers, not asking you any questions, or appearing disinterested in your conversations.

B. Avoiding eye contact: Constantly avoiding eye contact could be a sign that your crush isn’t interested in you romantically. This can be particularly telling if they make eye contact with others but avoid it with you.

C. Giving short responses or not initiating conversation: If your crush is always giving short, disinterested responses or never initiates conversation, it could indicate a lack of romantic interest. This is especially true if you find yourself always reaching out to them first or carrying the conversation.

D. Treating you like a friend or sibling: If your crush treats you more like a friend or sibling, they may not see you as a potential romantic partner. This can include playfully teasing you like a brother, talking to you about their romantic interests, or not showing any signs of physical attraction.

What to do if your crush doesn’t like you

A. Acceptance and moving on: Accept that not everyone will feel the same way about you as you do about them. Allow yourself time to heal and move on. Remember, rejection is a part of life and can help you grow stronger and more resilient.

B. Focusing on self-improvement: Use this as an opportunity to grow and work on yourself. Focus on building your confidence, pursuing your passions, and becoming the best version of yourself. The more you invest in yourself, the more attractive you’ll become to others.

C.Staying open to new relationships*: Remember that there are plenty of other people out there who might be a better match for you. Stay open to new connections and don’t let one rejection define your future relationships. Keep socializing, attending events, and engaging with others to increase your chances of finding someone who appreciates you for who you are.

D. Learning from experience: Every relationship, whether romantic or not, provides valuable lessons. Reflect on your interactions with your crush and consider what you can learn from the situation. This might involve recognizing patterns in your behavior, reassessing your expectations, or identifying areas for personal growth.

How to approach your crush if you think they like you

A. Building your confidence: Before approaching your crush, work on building your self-confidence. This can include practicing positive self-talk, setting and achieving personal goals, and surrounding yourself with supportive friends.

B. Finding the right moment: Timing is essential when approaching your crush. Look for opportunities when they’re alone or in a relaxed setting, as this will create a more comfortable environment for both of you.

C. Start with small talk: Ease into the conversation by engaging in small talk. This could be as simple as asking about their day, discussing common interests, or sharing a funny story. This will help to break the ice and make both of you feel more at ease.

D. Be honest and direct: Once you’ve established a rapport, express your feelings honestly and directly. Let your crush know that you’re attracted to them and would like to get to know them better. Be prepared for their response, whether it’s positive or negative, and be respectful of their feelings.

E. Be prepared for rejection: While it’s important to be optimistic, you should also be prepared for the possibility of rejection. If your crush doesn’t feel the same way, it’s important to handle the situation with grace and understanding. Remember that rejection is a normal part of life and doesn’t diminish your worth.


Understanding the signs that your crush likes you can give you the confidence to take the next step and express your feelings. Trust your instincts, and if the signs are there, go for it. Even if your crush doesn’t share your feelings, you’ll know you took the chance and can move forward without any lingering doubts. Life is full of risks, and love is one of the most rewarding ones. Good luck, and remember that you are worthy of love and happiness.