Lora DiCarlo’s Patent application for their sex toys

Lora DiCarlo has been awarded U.S. patent number 10,993,873 for the air pressure field stimulation device used in its products; Baci and Osé, 

Their top-selling product Osé, is a multi functional sex toy that combines a G-spot massager and clitoral mouth to stimulate internal and external pleasure points at the same time. Baci is a handheld clitoral stimulator that has the purpose of creating the sensation of stroking and sucking through micro robotic technology, said the company rep.

Sextech intellectual property attorney Maxine Lynn Barasch noted, “It is only relatively recently that the sex tech industry has become more active in obtaining patent protection for new inventions, and Lora DiCarlo sets an example in making the practice a priority. I am pleased to be the lead attorney who assisted Lora DiCarlo’s parent company in obtaining a patent on air pressure field stimulation device technology used in their products, Osé and Baci.”

Lora DiCarlo’s air pressure stimulation technology is a result of a research partnership Oregon State University (OSU) College of Engineering, which began in 2017. Lead investigator Dr. John Parmigiani, Research Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering at OSU and director of the OSU Prototype Development Lab and “the power of OSU’s Tier 1 Research University that ranks as the No. 4 graduate robotics program in the United States, played a key role in helping Lora DiCarlo’s team develop their proprietary technologies.

Lora DiCarlo also has a team of six persons composed of electrical, mechanical, manufacturing engineers as well as an industrial designer. Currently, the company has 21 patent applications in US, Europe, and China. 

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