Most pleasant sex positions for plus-sized people

When it is about sex, having pleasure is universal. It is everybody’s right to enjoy it regardless of age, size, or shape. Being fat makes no difference. It is all about caring, making effort, and working on different sex positions. There are many sex positions and ideas for plus-size men, women, and fat couples.

Sex positivity is for every person and no one should be ashamed of how she (or he) looks when naked. Being fat, plus size, chubby, or whatever you call it, a person should be ok with her body. Sex is a basic human instinct and the most important need after food and shelter. That’s why making it enjoyable and pleasurable is the right of everyone. 

Before we check sex positions for plus-size people, there are few points I want to write about…

The first thing is, be confident and do not apologize. Being overweight shouldn’t make you feel insecure. Yes, it may have caused some health issues (which is not our subject) but do not let it make you feel bad and self-doubt. It is your right to enjoy life and sex. Have sex..enjoy the pleasure. Loving yourself and your body is important. Being confident will make you enjoy the sex and also make your partner like it. On the contrary, the insecurities you have will simply ruin your relation and sex life.

Secondly, keep in mind that your partner likes you. Be a married couple, partners, or maybe you two met through a BBW dating site. At this point, it does not matter. You are together and what should be done is to enjoy the sex.

It is time to see some sex positions

Old style Missionary-a bit modified

This one is classic. I know that it can be hard sometimes for plus-size people For example if it the guy who is overweight, the woman can be squeezed under him. If this is the case, let the big girl lay at the edge of the bed. Gur sits on his knees near the bed and then going in! The guy lays on the lady and keeps the penetration. 

If it is a lady who is plus size, you can use some pillows for elevation. Put pillows under the hips or where ever it will be comfortable to position the vagina and let the penis go in. Raising or spreading legs may help to the position. A well-positioned vagina will let the penis penetrate deeper. 

Do not forget kissing and eye contact. This is what makes missionaries sexy.

Go for Doggy style

This is one of the most comfortable plus-size sex positions. Be a fat guy org al, penetration will be bigger. If it feels tiring for the chubby princess, she can lay her upper body on the bed and raise her ass in the air more. Penis will be able to go deeper. Staying on all four (hands and knees) can be tiresome. 

Another variation is using an adjustable wedge pillow. Place them under the thighs of the lady and adjust your position. This will take some pressure from the knees. 

The woman can add extra stimulation by playing her clit or by using a vibrator. 

Riding Cowgirl

This one is for the big girls who like to be on top. Also good for guys who love to watch the girl during sex. Playing with boobs will lead to pleasure for both men and women. Plus size woman will have a better grip and rhythm when on the top. Princess can support herself by putting her palms on the bed. The big girl may have a better clitoris stimulation in this position. 

For some, this position can be more comfortable on the floor than on the bed.  

Reversed cowgirl, on the other hand, will give a nice view of the beautiful asset. 

 Get seated mister

Seated sex is one of the best and comfortable positions for overweight women. The man sits on a chair and is straddled by the woman. If she is unable to reach her legs around him or feel off the balance, then she can turn around and sit on the guy’s lap and he will penetrate the vagina from behind. Being seated near something a lady can hold will add extra support.

Make her fly-Butterfly

This one is tricky but very pleasing for both men and women. The trick is, man should adjust his position while standing on the floor to enter the vagina. Big girl is laying on the bed and ideally keeping her legs up straight to reduce the pressure on her back. This sex position is good for even plus-size couples. The butterfly is a rewarding position that should be worked on.

Spooning is awesome

This position is very comfortable for plus-size women. The man penetrates the woman from behind while she is laying with her back towards him. Both woman and man can adjust their positions and angles for easy Access and better pleasure. Another nice position for fat couples.

I know that this position is also comfortable for pregnant women.

Cuddling and kissing her neck are the bonuses and very intimidating. Add some sexy whispers to her ear.        

Spicing up sex life

Besides the positions mentioned above, be eager to try new positions. The best part of the sex is trying new things. Do not be afraid to try new positions and fantasies.

Finding out what you and your partner likes, or will like will always be pleasant.

Buy new sexy clothes and lingerie. I am talking about things that will make you feel sexier. Never feels shy or insecure about your beautiful body. As I said at the beginning, your partner is with you because he(she) likes you. If you feel confident with your curves and fat, you will enjoy sex better.

Body positivity
Love yourself

Talk dirty, if you want to. Even if you never tried dirty talks before, you may like it. If you are at different places in the daytime, give him a call (or text) and say what you will do to him tonight. Seduce him all day long.

Roleplays are awesome. Total life savers and pleasure multipliers. Talk to him and discover your fantasies. Share yours. Tie him up and use him. Or be a little girl of the daddy dom and get spanked on ass for being a naughty girl. You can give a try to DDLG relation.

Sex toys can increase the number of positions of sex. For example, some sex swings can carry up to 400 lbs (180 kg). These swings will let you try many new positions. Also, they will add extra pleasure. Strapons, dildos, butt plugs, fucking machines, and many more are at your service.