Pancake Sex: Approved Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Do you like “legs on the shoulders” in sex? 


Ok.. you will LOVE the PANCAKE position then. 

And no I am not talking about the pancake you eat with syrup in the morning. I am talking about sex here,, so follow up.

Pancake Sex Position
Photo from Carleena Ranger

Pancake Sex position is one level up of the Legs On shoulders. However, the guy is in more control here while restraining the woman by the nature of the position. Also, it develops a deeper penetration, 

While position gives better stimulation for the penis, the clitoris enjoys the pancakes much more intensely. Because, first of all, the woman is absolutely relaxed and doesn’t, or can’t, need to do anything. Just to lay and enjoy the play. Secondly, the vagina is tighter as the legs are set closer. 

According to the Urban Dictionary, Pancake Sex is: 

When a group of people has sex stacked on top of each other. This can contain any number of men or women so long as it is more than two(regular sex), but less than 5 (an orgy).

Well, 3ways are pancakes then:)

Invite your favorite male or female or couple to diner to cook some pancakes tonight.

Pancake Sex Position Recipe

Take her legs on your shoulders while you are still in a vertical position. Then lower your upper body onto her, as much as you can. Basically, you will be folding her in half. 

Of course, she needs to be able to do this relaxed. Leg and back muscles to be comfortable with it. 

Pancake sex is also good for anal play positions.

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