She has Crush on You: Signs a Girl Likes You

Congrats on your crush, buddy! You may have found your soulmate and your possible girlfriend. 

She is funny, beautiful, charming, and who knows, she may be the one. 

You can be working at the same workplace, or study in the same school, it doesn’t matter. She can be the girl next door or a girl working in your grocery store. You are familiar with each other and, have some conversations from time to time.

You like her and want to be with her but you are not the type of guy that doesn’t ask to go out together. If you want to be sure if she likes you before asking out, here are some signs that tell she likes you. 

How to know if a girl likes you back

As a part of human nature, when we like someone, our behaviors are different towards that person. We can be showing some obvious interest while there are unconscious signs we show. Some behaviors are common for both genders but females do the same things a bit differently. 

There are a few points I want to mention before I introduce the signs if she likes you. 

Firstly, Some girls are kind and polite. So, do not be confused when she is smiling at you, talking to you nicely, or laughing at a few jokes of yours. In the best case, you are a friend and a good person for her. Not that she likes in another way.

On the contrary, some girls do have not good intentions. They can be monkey branching you or simply just trying to take advantage of you in some ways.

If the girl has honest feelings towards you and likes you, you can understand it by observing obvious and hidden signs by her. 

Let’s see how the signs of a girl like you

1. Body Language

We use body language in every moment of our daily lives. Some people are masters and use it to lead and impress people. Most of us use it without being unaware. Keeping eye contact, posture, face mimics, the way you are sitting and, so on. 

Her body language will have the most important signs şf she likes you. Pay attention to understanding her feelings.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is considered one of the key elements in conversations. If she is keeping eye contact with you, trying to hold her gaze on you for a few seconds but glancing down (she is shy?) is a good sign that she likes you.

On the other hand, if she is avoiding eye contact, she may not be interested in you in general or she is not ready for you yet.

If you are in a group of friends, you will catch her staring at you. Consciously or subconsciously she will be looking at you. And when you recognize her, she will just look away at that moment or just after a smile. This is another sign that she is into you. 

Body Contact

I do not mean sex. At least not yet. 

If she likes you, she will be confident with you and won’t hesitate to touch you physically.

Touching your hand momentarily, random hugs that she gives you, fixing your hair, or cleaning something out of your face. She will not miss Any reason that will make her touch you. This is the connection between you and her and it is a way to show her interest in you.

She is mirroring you

This is a behavior she will do unaware, most of the time. For example, when you fix your hair with your fingers, she will be mirroring you and she will do the same in a few minutes.

Body Positioning

If she is confident with you and she likes you, in general, her torso will be towards you during the conversation. 

Also, watch her feet if you two are having chit-chat while sitting. İf her feet are pointing you, then you have her attention. 

Beautiful Smiles

If she smiles all the time when she sees you at a distance, it is a good sign that she likes you. 

She will be smiling randomly even while you are talking to each other. Just a regular friend, or a girl, will not smile much often compared to a girl that likes you. 

2. Any Chance to Meet

She won’t miss any chance to meet you. Group meetings, parties, events, concerts, a movie night, or whatever. 

It can be the reason that you who invited her or a common friend told her that you will be there. She will not miss seeing you. 

In case she can’t attend the meeting, she will reschedule it herself. 

3. Social Media

A girl that likes you will be following on any possible social media you are in. Facebook, Instagram, Snap and, so on. She will like most of your posts (if not all not to be obvious), will comment on some, and share a few of them.

She will be also posting photos of those you are together in group photos and she will tag you for sure. 

4. Positive mood and Attitude

Another sign that she likes you is her positiveness and supporting attitude towards you. 

You will not be hearing her complaining about things very often. Even if you sense some bad mood, she will keep it for herself. In some cases, she will be asking for advice but that’s it.

Whenever she sees you troubled or in bad mood, she will try to cheer you up. If she feels it is important, she will cancel her plans and remain with you to support.    

5. She Remembers Everything

A girl that likes you will remember most things about you, if not everything. It is because she was listening to you and paying attention to what you were saying. The pet name you mentioned months ago, your favorite color, important days, etc

She will remember what you were wearing in previous days and also she will know what fits you better. 

6. Texts and Calls

If she is answering your calls quickly or replying to your texts fast, these are another sign that she likes you.

She won’t hesitate long conversations over the phone. If the conversation is by texting, her messages will be long and detailed. The use of emojis can be pretty much. 

Does she really like you?

To be honest, even if you have many positive signs, they can be false. Some women are just kind and polite or you are just friend-zoned. You should be thrusting your senses. 

Searching for signs and recognizing them will help you to understand your chances and increase the chances of a successful date. 

You need to be more careful about signs especially if she is a shy girl. A shy girl will not be making much eye contact, for example. She will simply avoid it as much as possible. In any case, she can’t avoid her feelings totally. Blushing and glancing down during eye contact, biting lips while talking to you are simple signs that a shy girl likes you.