Signs of a Needy Girlfriend

Having someone “special” in our lives is one thing that makes living bearable and better. Talking to each other in hard times, sharing special moments, creating memories, and so on. All are nice and beautiful.

Especially at the beginning of the relationship, everything starts awesome, both are excited and happy about it. You see each other all the time, giving calls or texting even at midnight. Everything is fine at the beginning.

And it keeps going like this all the time. What I mean is, girlfriend’s attention is on you all the time. You receive never-ending calls, texts, questions like where are you? Or “what are you doing?” or “who are you with?”. There comes a moment when you feel there is something wrong. 

The problem can be that you have a “needy girlfriend”. 

So, Who is exactly a “needy woman”?

A needy woman, in this case, your girlfriend, is a woman who is involved in the relationship very much. 

It is not something bad of course. Every guy would like a girlfriend who is into him and relation. However, this is not our case.

The needy girlfriend is involved in relation so much that there is no personal space for any partner. She requires all of your attention, and she needs it all the time. She requires your approval and support on everything, literally. 

Not just that.

She also needs to involve in all of your actions, moments, time, and, everything else.

 What can be the reasons for needy behavior?

Some say that it is because of low self-esteem. Low self-esteem can be caused by anything. Being dumbed several times, daddy issues, being cheated, monkey branched, abandoned by boyfriend for no reason, and so on. 

While low self-esteem can be one reason for being a needy girlfriend,  Dependent Person Disorder can be another reason. 

Fear of previous bad experiences she had can cause your girlfriend to blame herself and it may lead her to be overprotective and involved in the relationship. 

What do I mean by being too much involved and protective?

What I mean is being in touch with the partner momentarily. Probing the guy all the time his whereabouts, activities, friends. Basically no space to breathe for the guy. 

Also, she needs the same kind of attention from him. 

As long as she receives the same kind of attention and responds to her needs, she is happy, so does the relationship. 

However, not many guys enjoy receiving this kind of “attention” and return in the same way. 

If you are one of those guys, keep reading if your (potential) girlfriend is a needy woman. 

Signs of a clingy or needy person

Texting and calling. Very often

There is nothing wrong with being in touch with your girlfriend, that is obvious. Let it be missing each other, having small conversations, or planning a meeting. Whatever reason it is, calling and being called is ok and normal in a relationship. 

However, it will be too much when calls and texts are very often. Spending half day on phone for things Signs of a clingy or needy person that can wait till evening or date will not let you do “must things”

No free time alone

Being in relationships comes with benefits such as emotional fulfillment, activities such as, of course, sex!

However, having some private time on your is perfectly ok and it is healthy. Watching just what you want without anybody’s presence, walking or jogging, reading a book, being only with your thoughts and things like this is important.

If she is not letting you this freedom then it is another red flag.

She is everywhere

If you make a plan without her, you are in trouble. Going out with friends, business dinners, guy night, family things or you name it. 

You should plan these events with her. 

When she is not together with you everywhere, she will feel excluded and you will have a problem.

This is another sign of a needy behaviour.

She wants to be the only female in your life

Fear of being dumbed and/or cheated, jealousy, or whatever the reason is, she will not let you have any female friends.

She will be checking your phone frequently. 

If a female, maybe a co-worker or a friend, she will be nervous. 

You are the only one, so does she

You do not need any other friends. Even family members. So does she. Two of you will do everything, but everything together all the time. Shopping, cooking and having meals, trips and, every other thing are done together. 

Making plans without her

Even at the very beginning of the relationship, if you hear her plans like making babies, run bro, and do not look back.

I love babies of course. 

A lot. But it does sound way too early to think about at the very beginning. 

You don’t love her enough

No matter how long you are together, how many times you tell her you to love her, she thinks you don’t love her.

At least not as much as you love her.

Whatever you do and say, she is not satisfied and needs more attention and affection. 

She becomes your reflection

Your hobbies are her new interests. 

Her likes become exactly like yours. 

Instead of being individuals, you two are becoming the same. 

Naturally, couples are together because they have similar interests and they enjoy each other in many ways. Still, you and your girlfriend are different individuals. Absorbing your lifestyle one to one is another sign of a clingy girlfriend. 

Tell her everything

Another sign of a needy girlfriend is when she wants to know everything you do when you are not together. What you ate, with whom you talked to, and so on. 

Whatever happened around you is her business.

When you miss a detail, if you skip telling her unimportant stories can make her feel bad. 

Support her forever

Another sign of a needy girlfriend, you should agree with her all the time. Agreeing to her all the time will support her needy psychology. 

Any arguments you have with her, any disagreements will make her think you do not love her and are against her.

You should show her how you like her food. 

And, if she reminds you that you don’t wear clothes she bought for you then it means you do not care about her and her gifts. 

Checking your phone and social accounts

Jealousy is another sign of a needy girlfriend. 

Forget about setting a password for your phone as it is a sign that you are hiding something from her. Every girl saved in your phone is a potential risk for her. 

Moreover, be prepared to share your social account passwords. Maybe you will have to create a new account on Facebook which belongs to two of you.

Needless to say, you are not allowed any dating app on your phone. 

Also, avoid porn sites. She will think she is not sexually good enough for you. 


It is not easy to be together with a needy girlfriend. The high maintenance she requires all the time is hard to provide and to be honest it is not for many guys. 

Keeping your attention on a high level all the time, doing everything all the time as a couple will not give any space to you. 

These are the main two reasons why men do not like needy women. 

Man or woman, the majority requires some personal space. Some people are ok with less space, while some are very independent.

In any case, this post is not meant to be a negative one about anybody. 

If there is love deep in your heart, maybe you even enjoy her at every moment.