The Jockey Sex Position

The Jockey Sex position is one of the positions in which the man is fully in control and the woman is passive and just enjoys it all the way. Ladies, tell your partner you are tired today and he should ride and please you how you want it, anally or vaginally…Because in Jockey position, sex is possible both ways just like Pancake Sex Position.

How to perform Jockey Sex Position?

The jockey position is a fairly easy position and very comfortable for women. All she has to do is to lay on her stomach and keep her legs straight and together. Rest is on man. He straddles the woman with his knees on either side of the woman. Then he enters either vaginally or anally and starts penetrating.

Tips for pleasure

  • Start with a massage. This position can be a romantic one if you, as a guy, give her some sensual and pleasing massage. Let the penis tickle her a bit when you are massaging her while sitting on her. 
  • If the woman desires a bit more penetration or deeper feeling, she can raise her butt a bit, or put a pillow under her.
  • Pillow idea is valid for if the woman has a bit butt and thighs. In case the penis is not long enough to reach “there”, keeping the butt raised will help. Spreading the cheeks might work as well
  • If you are into a bit rough sex or BDSM, light spanks or hair pulling can be applied.         
  • For more pleasure, the woman can slip her hand and reach the clitoris for extra stimulation