Tips for a quick sex

You may believe it or not but quickie sex can be great and unexpectedly very arousing. I assure you that your girlfriend loves it too. It can be after waking up, just before work or even in a restaurant toilet. It’s a great way to release tension and let her know you desire her so much that you want to ravish her right now.

If it is in an unexpected situation,it becomes more fun. For sure it will spice up your sex life and relation.

It can also be a good part of your sex life as it brings some erotism to your life.

Here are some important tips for you to get successful and enjoyable quickie sex.

Choose a nice Location

Even quickie sex deserves a good setting. I know I said it is more exciting when it happens  unplanned, however, most women enjoy a safe, comfortable, clean environment when it comes to sex.

The trick  of a quickie comes from the new and changeable locations each time. Maybe you often involve sex in usual places, such as your bed, the bathroom, the kitchen or a car. Also handjob/blowjob in a theatre, in a restaurant under table (anyone remember American Pie?)

Trying new locations may help you orgasm quickly depending on the situation around you.

Leave Time to Flirt

A quickie doesn’t need to be a one-and-done thing. The foreplay is also a major part of the quickie sex, as it makes the next part so much better.

Of course you wont have some time for a long foreplay for a quickie. Here it is about keeping your partner ready and making her feel she is desired.  Flirt with her during day time. Send some naughty messages or compliment in an unusual way. Teasing her randomly will keep both of your moods ready for an action anytime.

Pay Attention to What You are Wearing

You wouldn’t want to spend time to undress to have a quickie. Taking clothes off  and dressing back should be easy. If it takes more than 1 minute to enter your partner, you may lack the sense of urgency and lose arousing.

Make the quickie practical. Eleminate the potential time wasting things from the beginning if you plan for a quick sex.

Consider that you should have easy access to your partner.

Using Lube

Even if quickie is planned or not, you may need some help to get wet faster.  Here comes the lube into the scene. It is a helpful instrument in many sex positions.

Orgasm is not your Priority

Don’t expect to get orgasm each time  when you have quickie. This is a quickie and pleasure and excitment come first

Remember that you  only have a few minutes.Focus on connecting with your partner, concentrating on the pleasure. Touching, kissing and rubbing all can let the moment take you where it wants to go when having quickie sex.

Some Quickie Positions

Here are a few quickie positions for you to try.

  • Quickstand. This move is a great one for the shower. To make it happen, start off standing then bend over at the waist and have your partner enter you from behind.
  • Face Race. If your partner wants a passionate quickie and standing sex, this is probably your best choice. Face to face, against a wall, your lover’s legs wrapped around your waist, enjoy your intimacy.
  • Heir to the Throne. All you have to do is sitting on a chair or bench,counter,whereever you want and your partner gives you an awesome oral
  • Ballet Dancer. Stand facing one another and wrap one of your legs around his buttocks or thigh. Use your leg to pull him into you.
  • Fast Doggy. Classic doggy style is practically designed for quickie sex. Enter your lover from behind with your penis and you are down on all, reach down to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or a vibrator