VRBangers: Eastern Promises

I don’t know if you have been to Russia but I have. Great history, nice historical places to visit, beautiful girls, nice vodka. Vodka and girls were much better of course. And Later on, girls were the only reason I have visited Russia. Now thanks to VRBangers, I am having these Slavic hotties as real as possible. OK not 100% real feeling but still.


If we agree on how beautiful Russian girls are, I want to ask you if you would fuck one, even if she is the wife of a Russian gangster. Well, I would. Nothing can stop me and don’t let it stop you either. Take your VR goggles and let the fun begin because VRBAngers make all fantasies come real. Even if it’s you want to fuck a married woman. 

In this 6k stunning movie, you are a Professional masseur who is visiting a customer. Russian gangster wants her wife to relax and have a good time. The big tits brunette Liya Silver is our client. Well, she won’t miss the chance to have a good time and relax her sexy body. “Look but DON’T touch”. 

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Casting: Liya Silver

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