What is a Unicorn Woman?

Unicorns are described as rare and special treats in the swinging community. They refer to single females interested in meeting other couples, who can provide something different than two people alone could offer – a deeper commitment or sexual activities with an extra person involved. While male unicorns do exist, many couples prefer female ones due to their perceived rarity. For these reasons, Unicorns truly stand out from typical swingers; they represent a unique opportunity that comes around only so often!.

In the urban dictionary, a unicorn is described as A common swinging term used in the community to refer to a single female interested in meeting other couples. Described as such due to the rarity of finding said, females. By no means derogatory but quite the opposite, a rare treat.


 “We are interested in meeting other couples and single females” – The usual swinger couples interest.

Although Unicorns can be both a man and a woman, many couples are avoiding male unicorns and they specify it in their dating profiles. On several profiles you can see; No Men, or No Uncles


Why be a “Unicorn”?

Unicorns are invited by polyamory couples for dates and/or sex. But why be a Unicorn? She may decide to be one to fulfill her desires, want to be in roleplays, experience threesome sex, or just be committed to a couple. All unicorn’s 

motivations are different. So, while hunting a Unicorn on Tinder, use different approaches to different people. Not all are there for your 3way fantasy. 

Tips For Unicorns in relation

The unicorn lifestyle can be hard sometimes as joining a couple as a third can cause complications. 

Knowing what you want is important. Are you joining the couple just for sex? Is it one night of fun or casual meetings? or do you want a more committed 3way relationship? Deciding on what you want is important. 

Always keep the communication with your couple. Even during sex. You or the couple can be new to threesomes and still you do not know each other well. Talking about everything before and during sex will avoid future problems. 

If you sense any jealousy between couples, give a break to the relationship. They can be new to polygamy and there can be new issues between them. In the end, you can be the one to be blamed. 

Do not involve emotional relationships with one or both of them. They are a couple for the long term and probably remain together without you. 

Do not keep any of your partner’s secrets from each other. 

You can be dropped at any time on short notice.

You can also leave them when you want and move on. 

Everybody should respect each other. You as a Unicorn are not just a sex worker of them when they can summon you any time they want. If they do, move on.


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