What is Foreplay Sex? Spicing Up Your Sex Life

As time passing, especially in long-term relationships, couples start to forget about the excitement of sex. Sex becomes just a duty and partners directly jump to intercourse. Rushing into a few minutes long duty. Interaction of “only genitals” is not sex actually. It really is dangerous for a couple’s sex life and for a relationship.

The forgotten thing is that beautiful and exciting foreplay sex. Sex is not only penis-in-vagina intercourse. It is the playful moments and emotional reconnection of the bodies and souls.

It is the warm-up before training, or the appetizer before the main course.

So, what is foreplay sex?

Foreplay sex is any kind of sensual activity that happens before vaginal intercourse. It can be an ultimate source of pleasure itself alone, even without real sex. By nature, foreplay is very erotic and it arouses all senses of partners. If you want to make your woman happy and satisfied in bed and learn how to please her, then I would suggest you keep reading.

  Some foreplay tips and ideas for your pleasure

  1. If you do not know how to start…

Just ask yourself what are her turn on’s. It can be scary not to know her reaction. However, explaining to her your intention will be appreciated. Women like the men who want to make them happy and satisfied. 

Communication is key in any relation, especially essential for good sex. 

  • Does she like kissing?
  • Where does she love to be touched? Or where not to touch?
  • Where is her favorite place to have sex? 
  • Does she like dirty talk?
  • How about roleplays?

There are many more questions to ask. It doesn’t matter you are a new couple or in a long relationship. No matter how experienced you are from your past relations, you got to learn and know your partner. 

  Discovering is her turn-ons are nice. Besides communication is key.

Foreplay sex is an all day long sex

Ok, foreplay sex is usually the period before the intercourse. Mostly. It is important to prepare her body for maximum pleasure. But also you can seduce her all day long. All intimate moments you create for her counts as foreplay sex. 

Hugging her tight will make her happy. Kissing her from behind while hugging followed by some love and erotic words will please her. Take advantage of your morning wood, let her feel it if you wish. She will remember this next time you are having sex. When it is time, you won’t worry about how to start sex and just jump into the action without actual foreplay sex. 

Texting her some naughty messages during work time is also welcome. Receiving unexpected messages will surprise her and keep her ready for the night. Seduce her in messages. Also Telling her about your naughty plans will keep her dreaming about you. Just be sure that she is ok with this and she is available. It is good to avoid possible embarrassments.  

Give her a visit at lunchtime. Show how much you missed her and blow a big kiss. Be passionate. Bring her some flowers. To keep the things magical, do these things randomly. Not on a regular basis on expected times, so you do not lose the advantage of surprise seduction. 

Another thing you can do during the daytime is phone sex with her. Have it whenever it is possible.

Exchange nudes. Foreplay sex is the game of seduction. 

Get Kinky

There is nothing wrong to have a light BDSM in your foreplay sex. Spanking her ass lightly when she is on your knees can seduce you both. Tying her or getting tied up, using blindfolds will add excitement to your foreplay sex. Also using restraints will add variations to your sexual foreplay games. Talk with your partner about what is on the table. While oral sex or light biting is fine face slapping can be a big turn-off.

Add dominance and submission to your foreplay sex. I do not mean whip each other or chain your partner unless it is your thing. 

Do not forget about kissing

It is said that a kiss is a breath from the hearth. It is a way to show love without words. So, never underestimate the power of kissing. Make it with passion and make it long. Kissing is the basis of foreplay sex. I am not only talking about putting little kisses on lips. Kiss her like you are making love. Bite her lips if it is her thing. Put a kiss on her forehead. Go more down and discover how she likes it.

Kissing and biting nipples arouse many women. More down under her boobs, remember belly kisses. 

While kissing each other do not hesitate to use your hands. Coordination of your hands and kissing will make her sensually aroused.

Playing with genitals is also makes foreplay sex more exciting. Rubbing around the vagina, moreover fingering it will make the woman wet. What a woman can do with her hand is, playing with balls and a penis. Just be sure that the guy cum before vaginal intercourse. Or he to cum too early during intercourse. 

I still have a few tips for foreplay sex. Keep reading please

Sex toys- you can use them in foreplay sex 

Not only in BDSM sex but also in foreplay sex you can use almost any kind of sex toy. Any kind of Bondage Gear is actually for foreplay sex. To name a few, restraints, collars, leg spreaders, armbinders, hoods, or blindfolds. 

Even chastity devices are perfect for foreplay sex. As the woman is the dominant, she decides when it is time for a man to use his penis.

Vibrators, dildos, the womanizer is perfect for foreplay sex too. Use them while kissing, for example.

They will extend the time you need for vaginal sex. Especially if you have a prematüre ejaculation problem. A satisfied woman is a happy woman.

Vibrating panties are another sex toy that you can use all day long. Especially if you are going to spend the day together. Excellent choice to have foreplay sex outdoors. Let the man have control of panties and use it at any random time. 

Grooming matters, guys

The majority of guys do not take care of themselves even one-third of women do. So it is time to take care of yourselves, guys. 

Take a shower, put on deodorant. No one likes a bad-smelling body. Especially it is a huge turn-off during sex. Also brushing your teeth will remove the mouth smell and you will not ruin the kissing in the foreplay sex. 

Get rid of excessive hair. Take care of your hair and facial hair. I am not saying to get rid of whole body hair but take care of it. How? You can surprise your woman with genital waxing. I am talking about Brazilian Male waxing, aka Manzilian. You can read about it here. Recently many women admitted that they like the view and smoothness of the man’s genitals. 

Other simple yet effective foreplay sex ideas: 

  • Shower together
  • Massage each other
  • Learn tantric sex, together
  • Play sex games together
  • Kiss unexpectedly
  • Talk dirty


For a happy and long-term relationship, being satisfied with sex plays an important role. Ok, it is not most of it but still, it is important. Satisfied couples listen to each other better. It becomes easier to solve problems. Routine is a good thing when it is about good income. But for sex, routinely turns to duty, and when sex is a duty, there is no pleasure. Foreplay sex is the thing that makes sex, sex. It is something to enjoy and you can extend it as long as you want. It is a way to show passion. Use it. I wish you all happy sex.