Manzilian; A new way of Men Attraction that Women loves

 Back in the days, waxing was only a woman’s practice and a man who takes care of his body was a “metrosexual”.Not anymore. Now we call it men’s grooming and it is an increasing trend in social acceptance. Getting a male Brazilian wax, or manzilian wax is becoming a popular practice among men. Even some manliest men having a manzilian besides other men grooming procedures. To be honest, it seems that their partners also like it. You know, probably it looks good in bed J

Having a Manzilian can be because of very specific reasons. Athletes, swimmers, cyclists prefer this procedure to enhance their performance and looks. Bodybuilders, dancers, models, all those with tattoed, gym bunnies, and even pornstars prefer manzilian to Show their bodies at best. Of course, any men at any age make it nowadays for better confidence and they discover the benefits of being smooth. 

Manzilian wax is a common name given to Brazilian wax for men. It is also called “Boyzilian” “Guyzilian” “Brazilian” or men sugaring. 

As you can probably guess, it’s inspired by the traditional Brazilian wax, which is more discussed among women and is widely known for leaving the genital area fully bare.

So, what does a Manzilian consist of?

A male brazilian wax includes, just like a traditional women’s brazilian wax, removal of all hair from intimate areas. There is a difference between a bikini wax and Brazilian wax. While bikini wax refers to the removal of the hair surrounding underwear (or say swimwear), Brazilian wax includes all areas including genitals.

Yes, you will be waxing your genitals. The procedure includes the removal of hair inside the butt crack around the anus, testicles, around the penis.

Most commonly, a male brazilian wax will leave some hair on the pubic mound or a male landing strip. Of course, it is up to you. 

Male Bikini Waxing Vs. Brazilian Waxing

Although there are similarities between these two waxings, certain elements separate Brazilian from Bikini waxing. A bikini wax is the removal of the hair surrounding underwear. This is the same for both males and females. The inner thighs and the upper area that leads to the groin are waxed and cleaned

Manzilian goes a step further than the Bikini Waxing by removal of the complete pubic hair. It starts from the front of the pubic bone to the area underneath, to the anus.

Does Penis waxing or Testicle Waxing hurt?

This is a very reasonable question. The penis and testicles are some of the most sensible parts of the body. 

That’s why you enjoy sex. There are lots of nerves in there

The answer is: Yes, it hurts like hell. At least at the beginning. Especially, for the first-timers, it is very uncomfortable and painful. By the time you get used to it and it gets less painful. It is still a good idea to avoid caffeine or alcohol that day before you have your brazilian wax. 

You will be touched…

Yes, someone will be touching your genital areas. The esthetician will be working around your penis, testicles, and butt area while waxing. She will be very much touching, holding, or pulling your private time for an extended time. 

You will most probably be asked to lay down without your pants and underwear and move a bit so that she can work properly. 

It is pretty normal and common that your penis will get hard during waxing. However, testicle waxing is quite opposite. 

Also, keep in your mind that this is her job to do and she is not really impressed and actually playing with your penis. She is just trying to do waxing properly without causing any pain. Also, I want to remind you that you should freshly clean yourself before the waxing. She deserves respect. 

What to do Before and After Manzilian

There are a few points to consider about manzilian. A Professional waxing procedure takes about 40 minutes and the groomed area remains hair-free for two weeks. If you decide to continue sessions, the hairs will be growing finer and the time between sessions will be longer. Normally it takes four to six weeks between two sessions.

Before manzilian

There are things you should keep in mind before the waxing procedure

Hair to be waxed should be at least a quarter of an inch or half centimeters. Shorter 

  • Hair will increase the chances of skin irritation while long hairs will cause more pain. Trimming long hair down to a point will be for your best.
  • Check for your skin condition. There should be no irritation or infection on the skin. 
  • Optimal hygiene to be provided. If you are taking a Professional service, be sure the aesthetician is wearing a single-use glove and all equipment is sanitized. 

After Manzilian

There are certain things you need to pay attention to after manzilian. Because of the waxing, the waxed area will be irritated, sensitive, and open to bacterias. 

  • No bath or shower for about 24 hours. After 24 hours, it is still better to avoid hot showers
  • Avoid any type of tanning
  • No sauna or hot yoga.
  • No hookups. Sorry guys, you need to resist for a while. Give micro-tears some time to heal. These days are your chance to have romantic nights and foreplay sex 
  • No swimming. Bacterias in the sea and pool will increase the chance of infection.
  • Avoid strenuous activity, like a medium- or high-impact workout class.

Who Should Avoid Manzilian?

Antibiotics, hormone replacements, or hormonal birth control might make the skin more sensitive than usual. 

If you are taking oral acne medications, it is better to consult your doctor first. Medications such as Accutane, or using topical retinoids, such as Retin-A weaken the skin barrier through chemical exfoliation, and that’s why brazilian waxing may result in over-exfoliation painfully.

Brazilian waxing may not be your most comfortable hair removal method in case of radiation and chemotherapy. They can lead to upstick in skin sensitivity and dryness.

DIY or Salon

Yes, you can wax yourself at home. There are many waxing kits on the internet that you can choose from. Waxing strips, wax warmers, and hard wax beans. Also, you can buy these with different fragrances. 

However, for the first-timers and beginners, I would strongly suggest finding a good local waxing salon. Waxing sensitive parts will be painful and you may hurt yourself. Also waxing your back can be hard. It is easy to miss any hair there and at the end, the view won’t be nice from your behind. For the best results and enjoy the smoothness of your genital areas. let the Professional do your waxing. 

Choosing a salon is also important. First of all, not all waxing salons will have brazilian waxing procedures. They may not accept naked males in the salon or just want to avoid unwanted events. Many waxing therapists wouldn’t want to make penis waxing or testicle waxing. 

Benefits of brazilian wax

Just like females, a male brazilian will make you feel cleaner, fresh, and good-looking. Also, your partner will like (most probably) your new look. In this millennium, male grooming is the new trend.

Brazilian waxing will save you time compared to shaving. Waxing removes the hair from the root while shaving just takes hair above the skin. So, hair growth takes a much longer time and you can enjoy smooth and bare skin for an extended time. Also, manzilian eliminates the risk of cuts or razor burns which can irritate you longer. 

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